Special cargo transportation

Transport of the Rotor of the Hydroelectric El Edén that was driven from a mountain in Manzanares Mariquita, where a bulldozer or grader had to be used to fix the road and make route plans checking the damage of the roads in the red zone, until reaching the port from Cartagena.

Break bulk

ABC has been recognized for its extensive experience and for successfully carrying out special projects with which it leaves all its support and experience available:

Boarding for the UEFA Cup.

Highly valued cargo with vehicle made in gold for a car show.

Panels for stadiums.

Handling of rotors for export making the packages with their lifting points.

Break bulk

We handle project-type goods whose dimensions are not compatible with any type of container, for which different types of special equipment and special vessels such as RO-RO and LO-LO ships are required, carrying out complete logistics.

Shipments Charter

Charter, Masks, 160 m3 on various flights, Shenzhen, China – Bogotá, Colombia

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Renewal of Blue Bird

Renewal of Blue Bird fleet (350 busses): Huehuetoca- Veracruz- Santa Marta- Bogotá