About us

We are the International Freight Agent with more than 34 years of experience in logistics and cargo transportation in Colombia. Our main objective is to supply all the needs
of our clients within the supply chain of integrated logistics services emphasizing cargo security, quality of service and customer satisfaction. In accordance with this constant commitment to the safety of operations, to the quality of the services provided, the well-being of our human resources and the impact generated by our organization on the environment, ABC CARGO LOGISTIC SAS has constantly sought to implement and certify in the different management systems and join different associations that allow us to grow at an operational and human level.

Who we are


Somos un operador de soluciones integrales en logística internacional buscando servicios que se ajusten a las necesidades operativas de nuestros clientes.

Forwarding agent

We are a freight forwarder, specialized in logistics and international cargo transportation. We have the ability to make our clients’ experience better every day by making shipments with air, sea and land cargo, special projects, consolidation of goods and coordination of Door-to-Door services.

Global coverage

We are authorized to operate at the national level, we have a presence in the main cities with Colombian Customs, and we are able to expand our international coverage thanks to the freight agent networks to which we belong in the world.


We are a strategic ally that integrates international cargo transport solutions with quality and safety in the stages in the logistics chain.